A Duel of Hearts by Barbara Cartland

By Barbara Cartland

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Mrs. Miller's bullying tone would have frightened anyone so young as Caroline had she really been anxious to retain her position, but Caroline had no real reason to be frightened of this vulgar woman. She looked her in the face and said: 'I am sorry if my gowns displease you, Ma'am, but they are provided for me by Lady Caroline Faye who is reputed to have the best of taste. They are unfortunately all I possess. ' Mrs. Miller gasped for a moment, then found her voice. ' she said. ' Caroline retorted.

She was very old, but her thin, wrinkled face was heavily rouged, the powder clogged in her wrinkles, while her old, short-sighted eyes were outlined with mascara. She pointed a claw-like hand at Caroline and cackled: 'So this is the girl, is it? 5 Caroline did as she was told, dropping a curtsey and standing before the old woman, waiting for permission to move. Lady Augusta looked at her, raised a quizzing-glass, then laughed, a hoarse, chuckling laugh which somehow made Caroline like her, despite her extraordinary appearance.

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