A Gentleman's Game: A Queen & Country Novel by Greg Rucka

By Greg Rucka

Tara Chace could be the most deadly lady alive. she will be able to seduce you into believing she’s the lady of your dreams—or kill you with the icy potency of an executioner. because the new head of certain Operations for British Intelligence, she not has to court docket loss of life within the field—she desires to.Throw away the previous ideas, the old fashioned, the old-boy community. the area of overseas espionage is ready to profit the challenging means that spying is not any longer merely…A Gentleman's GameGreg Rucka’s electrifying thrillers have driven the bounds of suspense fiction to the place few have dared to move. Now, in A Gentleman’s video game, one of many genre’s so much fearless writers brings readers of foreign espionage his so much fearless heroine but: a no-holds-barred girl who’s as deadly as an assassin’s bullet.When an unthinkable act of terror devastates London, not anything will cease Tara Chace from weeding out these in charge. Her activity is straightforward: cease the terrorists prior to they strike a moment time. To be successful, she’ll do whatever and every thing it takes. She’ll need to kill back. in simple terms this time the private stakes could be larger than ever prior to. For the terrorist counterstrike would require that Tara permit herself for use as bait by means of the govt. she serves. This time she’s turning her very lifestyles right into a weapon that may be used just once. yet as she and her former mentor race towards future at a distant terrorist education camp in Saudi Arabia, Tara starts to question simply who’s pulling the trigger—and who’s the true enemy. during this new form of conflict, betrayal can take any form...including one’s responsibility to queen and country.Based at the photograph novel sequence that gained the coveted Eisner Award, A Gentleman’s video game is an electrifyingly real looking, headline-stealing mystery with an unforgettable protagonist—one who redefines each rule she doesn’t shatter.

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Kate had survived, primarily because she saw right through him, or thought she did. Crocker was demanding, he was overbearing, he was arrogant, he was outright rude, all these things were true. And while these traits sparked fear, loathing, and resentment in nine out of ten SIS staff, Kate didn’t mind them in the least. She understood Crocker as a zealot, and her way to deal with him was to be just as zealous in her job in turn. He did not frighten her, and both understood that. When Francis Barclay had become C, he had invited her to come work for him instead.

It was only one of the legion of problems Crocker had with Barclay, both professionally and personally. While Crocker had entered SIS out of the Army in the late hours of the cold war, Barclay had come in through the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. While Crocker had begun his career in the Special Section as a Minder, Barclay had begun behind a desk in London, then moved to other desks, abroad, until he had become Head of Station in Prague. It was in Prague that the two men first encountered each other, though they had never actually met face-to-face during Operation: Landslide.

Rayburn stayed still, listening and reserving comment. “We’re getting ahead of ourselves, sir,” Crocker said, trying to change tack. ” “With clear conops, yes, when it is clearly identified Special Operation, yes. ” There was a moment of quiet while Barclay considered his responses, and the intercom on his desk took the opportunity to cry out for attention. He pressed the key with a manicured finger, listened as one of his assistants told him that his car was ready to take him back to Downing Street.

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