A Lexicon of Modern Mohegan: The Dialect of Jits Bodunaxa by Julian Granberry

By Julian Granberry

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Ffu subsequently succotash sun Sunday sure swallow swamp fire swear sweet sweet (it is ... ) T table take otT talk (verb) taste temptation ten terrible thankful (be) Thanks! (for that) that (animate) that (inanimate) their them themselves then dabi gadgigitokquatstummudapawangan bayag ciphugi tabutTabutni! ate) you all (imperative) young young girl young man your (plural) your (singular) yourself yourselves 89 -uk -umuk -q gung gung xquas gunggum giyaw gi, guguhug guhuguw 6. BIDUOGRAP HY. Bloomfield, Leonard 1946 Algonquian.

Above; 2. over [Source: Diary 2] waji particle (wa·'ji) /waji/ [wogge] [woggey] 1. in order that; 2. in order to; 3. so that [Source: Diary 1, Sermon] wajian- verb (wa·'ji-an-) /wajian-1 [wodgian-] have. Ex. wajianu m [wodgianum] /wajian-:ml'he has' [Source: Diary 1] wambayo particle (wam·ba·'yo) /wambayo/ [wombayoh] [wombeyoh] white [Source: Diary I; Stiles 'wumbiou'] wambiy- verb (wam·biy'-) /wambiy-1 [wombey-] come. Ex. wang/ [wong] I. also; 2. and; 3. too [Source: Diary Stiles] -(u)w- infix (-(u)w) 1-(u)w/ [-(u)w-] an infix connective [Source: Diary 1' Sermon, Tale] -(u)w pronominal suffix (-[u]w) 1-(~)w/ [-uw] 1.

1975, pp. 285-453. Speck, Frank G. 1904. A Modern Mohegan Text. American Anthropologist, vol. 6, pp. 469-476. 1928. Native Tribes and Dialects of Connecticut: A Mohegan Diary. In the Bureau of American Ethnology 43rd Annual Report, pp. 199289. Stiles, Ezra 1762. A Vocabulary of the Pequot Indians, Obtained in 1762 at Groton, Connecticut. International Journal of American Linguistics, 39(4):164-172 [in article by William Cowan, Pequot from Stiles to Speck]. 01 Wang Xianzheng, Zhu Yongzhong, Min he Mangghuer- English Keith Slater, & Kevin Stuart Dictionary 03 John Keegan Dictionary of Mbay 16 Michel Ferlus (ed .

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