A Practical Grammar of the Pali Language by Charles Duroiselle

By Charles Duroiselle

This scarce antiquarian booklet is a facsimile reprint of the unique. as a result of its age, it can comprise imperfections akin to marks, notations, marginalia and mistaken pages. simply because we think this paintings is culturally vital, we've got made it on hand as a part of our dedication for shielding, conserving, and selling the world's literature in reasonable, top of the range, glossy variants which are actual to the unique paintings.

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Acc. rèpa× Ins. rèpena Abl. rupŒ, rèpasmŒ, rèpamhŒ, rèpato. Loc. rèpe, rèpasmi×, rèpamhi. Voc. rèpa Plural. rèpŒni, rèpŒ. rèpŒna×. rèpŒna×. rèpŒni, rèpe. rèpehi, rèpebhi. rèpehi, rèpebhi. rèpesu. rèpŒni, rèpŒ. Remarks. (a) ni is essentially the distinctive sign of Neuter nouns in the Nom. , and Voc. plur. in all declensions. (b) The final vowel of the stem is lengthened before ni. EXERCISE. Decline like rèpa. citta, mind. mèla, root, price. upaÊÊhŒna, service. jala, water. loöa, salt. vajira, diamond.

Fem. base. atthakŒmŒ, atthakŒm´, atthakŒmin´. kumbhakŒrŒ, kumbhakŒr´, kumbhakŒrin´. yakkh´, yakkhin´. nŒg´, nŒgin´. mig´, migin´. s´h´, s´hin´. byaggh´, byagghin´. kŒk´, kŒkin´. mŒnusŒ, mŒnus´, mŒnusin´. 193. The suffixes used for the formation of Adjectival Feminine bases are the same as those given above (181), that is;194. Of Adjectives the stem of which ends in a, some form their Feminine in Œ, some in ´. 195. Adjectives ending in i, ´, and u, è, form their Feminine by adding n´ (189), before which long ´ and è are shortened.

Gati, going, rebirth. sati, recollection. keÂi, amusement. nandi, joy. mati, understanding. mutti, deliverance. vuddhi, increase. ruci, splendour. chavi, the skin. cuti, disappearance. diÊÊhi, sight, belief. Neuter Nouns in i (short). 134 . SUFFIXES. Singular. Nom. _ Gen. ssa, no. Dat. ssa, no. Acc. ×. Ins. nŒ. Abl. nŒ, smŒ, mhŒ. Loc. smi×, mhi. Voc. _ Plural. ni, ´. na×. na×. ni, ´. hi, bhi. hi, bhi. su n´, ´. ), WATER Singular. Nom. vŒri. Gen. vŒrissa, vŒrino. Dat. vŒrissa, vŒrino. Acc. vŒri×.

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