Acoustics: Sound Fields and Transducers by Leo L. Beranek, Tim Mellow

By Leo L. Beranek, Tim Mellow

Acoustics: Sound Fields and Transducers is a completely up-to-date model of Leo Beranek's vintage 1954 booklet that keeps and expands at the original's distinctive acoustical basics whereas including useful formulation and simulation equipment.

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When ZT ¼ r0c, the two u~0 u~0 ~ p (l ) ZT − jρ0c cot kl ρ02c 2 jρ0c tan kl ZT (open tube) (blocked tube) FIG. 5 Equivalent electrical circuit for a tube with a termination impedance ZT, in which the single tube is represented by two tube impedances, each in parallel with an external impedance. The piston is represented by a current generator. The reason for this will become clearer in the next chapter. 40 CHAPTER 2 The wave equation and solutions series impedances are the complex conjugates of each other and we just see the characteristic impedance r0c at the input terminals.

The azimuthal equation in f. 135) It can be seen that the integer n denotes the nth harmonic of the azimuthal modes of vibration where f ¼ 2p represents a full rotation about the z axis. The values of An and Bn depend on where the nodes and antinodes lie on the circumference. For example, setting Bn ¼ 0 would place the nodes at f ¼ 0, p, and 2p. The axial equation in z. 137) where the þ sign denotes a forward traveling wave and the À sign a reverse one. From Eq. 129) we observe that 8 pffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi > < k2 À k2 ; k !

Solution. From Eq. 5 cm, then Dprms ¼ Àj0:005 Â 1000 Â 1:18 Â 0:01 ¼ Àj0:059 Pa: We shall have an opportunity in Chapter 5 of this text to see a practical application of these equations to the measurement of particle velocity by a velocity microphone. (b) (a) Δy Δy Δz Δz 0 0 Δx ξx Volume at one instant equals Δx Δy Δz (Δx + ∂ξ x Δx) Δy Δz ∂x Volume at another instant equals (Δx + ∂ξ x Δx) Δy Δz ∂x FIG. 2 Change in volume of the box with change in position. From (a) and (b) it is seen that the incremental change in volume of the box is s ¼ (vxx /vx) Dx Dy Dz.

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