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Reprint of a vintage, adpted from Bengali through Basanta Koomar Roy. historic novel used commonly as textual content

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One could see that human beings still lived in this impregnably dense forest. Inside a room of the main building a huge log of wood was burning. It was in this room that Kalyani regained her consciousness. She opened her eyes to see the white-haired and white-bearded Mahatma seated 40 beside her. Kalyani looked around with wonder as if in a dream. She had not yet regained her memory. 'Mother,' said the Mahatma, 'this is the temple, the mosque, the vihara and the gurdwara of Mother India. ' At first Kalyani could not realise what was happening.

Soon, even that became scarce, and they began to go without any food at all. The crop was too scanty, but the government revenue collector sought to advance his personal prestige by increasing the land revenue by ten per cent. And in dire misery Bengal shed bitter tears. Beggars increased in such numbers that charity soon became the most difficult thing to practise. Then disease began to spread. Farmers sold their cattle and their ploughs and ate up the seed grain. Then they sold their homes and farms.

Then the three, tired and worried, took a nap. Upon waking, Mahendra and Kalyani began to discuss their plans for the future. The problem was — where to go?

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