Plato Ion - Or: On the Iliad. Edited with Introduction and by Albert Rijksbaron

By Albert Rijksbaron

This booklet provides a revised textual content of Plato's Ion, with complete gear criticus, and an in depth remark, with a linguistic orientation. Linguistic concerns also are the top precept within the selection of one MS examining instead of one other. distinct cognizance is paid to questions of punctuation.

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535b2 ἔρωμαι T W S : ἐρῶμαι F 535c2 οὖσιν T W F : οὖσα S 535d3 κλαίη(ι) T W S f : καὶ ἡ F (in mg κλίει vel κλαίει add. 85 539e7 ἅπαντα T W S pc (ἅ- supra οὐ)f (ἅ- supra οὐ) : οὐ πάντα S F 540c1 πρέπει T W S : πει [sic] F, πρέπειν Fpc 540d4 γνοίην T W S : γνοίη F 540d7 ἠρόμην T W S (ἠ in ras. T, ex ἐ- W, ἠ et o Spc) : ἐροίμην F 541a6 οὐκ αὖ T W S : οὐκοῦν F 541b7 στρατηγὸς T W S : στρατηγὸς ὢν F 541e5 ὅς γε T W Spc : ὥς γε F 541e6 πάλαι T W S (πά ex πο) : πολλὰ F subscriptio ἴων ἢ περὶ ἰλιάδος T W S : nulla subscriptio in F We may note that, although in nine cases (531a2, 531e9, 532b4, 532b7, 533c7, 534a6, 535d3, 536e1, 539e7) S, sometimes post correctionem, shares a reading with f (and with T W), in the other nineteen cases S (normally with T W) is opposed to F itself.

W)), Murphy (1990: 316 ff. (T and W)), Irigoin (1997: 69 (T), 156 (T); 162 (W)), Joyal (2000: 159–164). g. ), Vancamp (1996b: 45–46). , Ion, Mx. , S has other affiliations than with F. I mention here for the record that neither S nor F has scholia, unlike T and W. For the latter cp. Dodds 60–62. 75 See his articles of 1902 and 1903. 30 INTRODUCTION length. Schanz writes (p. e. F) nec Vindobonensem ex S esse descriptum, sed ambos libros ex uno fonte, quem nota N significare libet, descendisse. ’ Schanz was on the whole followed by Burnet, but Burnet regarded F as ‘aliquanto sinceriorem codice Veneto S’ (Praef.

G. the third title given by Stephanus covers the contents better than περὶ Ἰλιάδος, one of the key terms of the dialogue being ἑρμηνεύς. 58 On the other hand, Stephanus’ predecessor Cornarius saw no problem here, for the title in his translation of 1561 runs ‘Platonis Atheniensis Ion, sive de Iliade. ’ I think, in fact, that the position can be maintained that in an important sense the Ion is ‘about the Iliad’, rather than about rhapsodes or furor poeticus. More specifically, it is about the ways in which, according to Socrates, the various arts contribute to our understanding of the poem.

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